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Doc Handal Speaks! Listen Up, A Doctor's Insider Tips

Dec 1, 2017

Seasonal Affective Disorder is the dark side of the holiday season. A form of depression relatively common needs to be recognized in its subtleness and addressed. Learn behavioral clues, and plan to intervene from Doc Handal

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Holiday stress is a well-recognized condition, we see it in the...

Nov 1, 2017

Medicines, chemicals that interact! No matter OTC or perscription, all drugs can interact with food and other medications. Drugs are chemicals that can have no or serious interactions with your body chemistry -learn dangers and prevention from Doc Handal.

Oct 15, 2017

A forced retirement policy is illegal for most professions in the US. Fact, we aren't 'what' we used to be! When should doctors retire? Fact, 1 in 4 physicans are over 65 and completed medical training over 35 years ago! Listen Up, as Doc Handal thinks out loud about this potentially life-threatening reality. What...

Sep 3, 2017

How do you get this the most common form of arthritis. Inflammation of joints from too much uric acid in your blood is excruciatingly painful. Listen to key factors about this condition from Doc Handal - as only she can distill the important elements. What is it? What to Do? How to prevent! Medication that can cause...

Aug 1, 2017

Learn indepth on this topic, from basics to what can be expected for those with this condition. There are 85.7 million (34%) Americans with high blood pressure,  many undiagnosed and about half of those taking medication not well controlled - so you need to listen up!