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Doc Handal Speaks! Listen Up, A Doctor's Insider Tips

Nov 1, 2018

DocHandal latest podcast lets you in on the important considerations in children of mild head trauma, concussion, and what parents need to know. Warning signs, when to go to the ER, terminology and much more as only Doc can tell you.

Some warning signs of mild versus severe types of brain injury are hard to ID. That’s...

Sep 1, 2018

Recent research suggests we totally rethink our ‘proper’ sleep times. Listen Up to DocHandal’s latest podcast there is surprising information, including more is not always better!

Aug 2, 2018

Stress is well worth noting. When anyone is stressed or even approaching a stress level it is time to be concerned. Once a person reaches a  full-blown crisis, your intervention and safety are almost always out the window. A professional is now necessary. Let Doc Handal, in this podcast, share a few easy to pick up...

Jun 17, 2018

At times dietary choices become the lesser of 2 evils either it is calories, fat content, salt, artificial ingredients like sweeteners and dyes. DocHandal’s latest podcast shares scientifically sound food choices wither eating in or out. From soup to dessert and don’t forget wine learn why certain choices are...

May 6, 2018

Yes at least 2 serving a week but lurking in your fish are good omega-3s, high protein with low fat but watch for the environmental contaminants-mercury, dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). Listen as DocHandal let you in some important health facts.

Podcast Teaser:

Every diet toots eating fish 2/week is...